Indian Army

Vehicle Management System.

An internal software to manage the vehicle related operations and maintenance activities.


  • Complete offline software to maintain the confidentiality
  • Automated alerts and real-time updates across the network
  • Maintain daily updates related to the vehicles.


Fishery related products selling marketplace.

An ecommerce platform for selling fish and related products at the national level.


  • Item catalogue with variable pricing structure.
  • Video and blog posts to educate about pisciculture.
  • Mobile optimized layout to drive more traffic at even 2G network.


Mobile Gaming application like Rummy.

Coin-based rummy game application with secured money wallet.


  • Android app to play live tournaments
  • Payment portal for secured transactions
  • Admin panel to oversee all activities in PHP Laravel


Online Job portal

HealtHires is a healthcare focused job portal startup working with well renowned hospitals to solve the problem of efficient workforce in healthcare sector.


  • Dashboard to list available jobs.
  • AI model to fetch job openings from hospitals.
  • Data scraper to retrieve available jobs from all over the nation.


Stock maintenance app.

Android app to maintain daily warehouse stock status with load balancing on AWS server.


  • Android app to create, read and edit stock entries for multiple logins.
  • PHP Laravel backend for inventory management.
  • Deployment on AWS server with load balancing setup to handle high traffic.

Smart-Shopping trolley

AI & IoT based counter on wheels.

Smart-Shopping trolley is built to avoid long billing lines in supermarkets & for better shopping experience. , anti theft alert system and .


  • Most advanced product scanning.
  • Anti-theft alert system.
  • In-built payment checkout.
  • Cost effective & easy to use.

Scan & Go

Mobile shopping with supermarkets

Get the shopping experience and all the latest pricing and offers available by supermarkets on your fingertips.


  • Mobile app to get product catalogue and available offers.
  • Scan the product while shopping and pay without standing in a queue.
  • Anti-theft alarm system to prevent shoplifting.
  • Online ordering service with dispatch system on admin side.

WhatsApp automation

Whatsapp & telegram bulk messaging system.

Now connect with thousands of customers with one single click to send your custom message.


  • Multi platform support
  • Free 1000 messages
  • One year support
  • IP rotation to avoid blocking

Pixis Analytics

Mobile app marketing analysis

Pixis Analytics is an advanced tracking tool to monitor mobile app download with in-detail user analytics.


  • Track user journey, backlinks before app download
  • Log user click events to generate mobile app heat-maps
  • Deployed on AWS ec2 to maintain high traffic.


Edtech Mobile app.

It is an AI-based edtech presentation tool for online classes with 25,000 users worldwide.


  • Most advanced handwriting recognition system.
  • Supports 108+ languages.
  • Multi-platform viz, android, web & desktop.

Custom websites

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